Please see our great history below.

2012: Early Prototype ready

Allready back in 2012 we launched our first prototype of Safepass. 

2013: First 10 prototypes

Then in 2013 we had our 10 first prototypes ready

2013: Creation of company

In 2013 we also founded our company Safe Solutions AS in Stjordal. 

2013: First sales

A flying start with sales to both : SAS and Aviator. 

2013: Inter Airport Europe

Also same year we participated in Inter Airport Europe 2013, in Munich Trade Fair in Germany

2014: Airport Fair Dubai

The 2014 kicked of in the Airport Fair in Dubai (DXB).

2015: Inter Airport Europe

In 2015 we return to back in Munich Trade Fair in Germany

2016: Passanger Terminal Expo

2016 starts with a amazing fair in the Passanger Terminal Expo 2016, Köln, Germany.

2016: Launch of the SafePass Mini

We are presenting our new product, the SafePass Mini

2017: Inter Airport Europe 2017

We are back in Munich Trade Fair in Germany for the 2017 fair

2017: Passenger Terminal Expo

The 2017 Passenger Terminal Expo is held in Amsterdam, the most highly regarded airport conference and exhibition.

2018: Passenger Terminal Expo

The 2018 Passenger Terminal Expo is held in Stockholm 20. – 22.Mars

2018: The British-Irish Airports EXPO

In summer 2018 we are in London at The British-Irish Airports EXPO, held 12.-13. June at the London Olympia

2018: Airport Exchange Oslo

in 2018 we are back in Norway at the Airport Exchange in Oslo

2019: National Aviation Infrastructure Show

We start 2019 with the National Aviation Infrastructure Show in Moscow, Russia.

2019: Passenger Terminal Expo

We are back in in Passenger Terminal Expo, this time in London. It happen between 26-28 March

2019: The British-Irish Airports EXPO

ack to London! This time for The British-Irish Airports EXPO 2019 11.-12. June London Olympia

2019: Inter Airport Europe

Meet us in the Inter Airport Europe 2019 8-11 Oct, Munich, Germany.


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