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SafePass - The solution for efficient passenger handling

SafePass is a highly mobile dual rope passenger guiding system that enables efficiency and safe passenger flow, increases ground handling resource efficiency and allows for underwing boarding of aircraft. The system is easy to handle, robust and designed for the challenging airport industry environment.

Product features

SafePass is designed to improve queue flow, enhance the customer experience, cost reducing, easy to use and ensure passenger safety.


Easy to move, use and adapt

SafePass’ smart design allow for one person operation, from transportation to installation and use in any condition and setting.


Dual rope design

The dual rope design creates a clear passage and prevents passenger confusion.


Unique reel system

Our unique reel system ensures efficient handling, allowing the operator to simply release the bands. Thanks to the roll-up automatic, the band is slowly drawn into the reed, ensuring a safe contractment for both personel- and material damages.

Tested in arctic conditions

SafePass have undergone extensive testing under arctic conditions in Norway, ensuring the best operational reliability possible. Our pullout bands does not absorb water and moisture, making sure the bands does not freeze and ensure retractability in low tempratures.

Boeing certified under-wing transportation

SafePass is Boeing certified for under-wing transportation. This allows for easy boarding & deboarding when the aircrafts is parked very close together.

Examples of use

The highly modular SafePass system allows for safe passage with clear distinction between passenger walkway and road for heavy machinery. This also makes cross-boarding easier, preventing passengers to enter wrong aircraft.