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Leif Anders Hastadklev

Founder and Quality Manager

Leif Anders has a background from mechanics and the automobile industry. He has started and is co-owner of five automotive garages and has strong technical expertise. Currently he holds the Chief of Operations position at Mekonomen in stjørdal. Leif Anders is an innovator and his expertise lies within entrepreneurship. Furthermore he has developed an extensive network of distributors from over 20 years in the industry..

Torbjørn Balstad

General Manager

Torbjørn was brought in to SafePass in 2016 to lead the company forward. With over 35 years experience with management and sales in the European market, we are confident he is the right person to guide the company in to the future, and continue to develope innovative and efficient solutions.

Per Kristian Laugtug

Founder and Chairman

Per Kristian has over 25 years of experience from the ground service and airline industry. He currently Head of de.ice at Aviator Norway while he contributes to the development of Aviator. He possesses extensive knowledge of the aircraft industry; He has worked 13 years in Braatens and 11 years in Røros Ground Service/Aviator. He has been a big contributor of building Røros Ground Service from the ground and up. Per Kristian also held several roles withing station management in startup-phase.


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