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Safe Solution AS was created in 2013 as a result of the challenges one of the founders experienced in the aircraft handling industry.

  1. 2012: Early Prototype ready
  2. 2013: First 10 prototypes
  3. Creation of company
  4. First sale: SAS and Aviator
  5. Inter Airport Europe 2013
  6. 2014
  7. Airport Fair Dubai
  8. 2015
  9. Inter Airport Europe 2015
  10. 2016
  11. Passanger Terminal Expo 2016
  12. Launch of the SafePass Mini
  13. 2017
  14. Inter Airport Europe 2017
  15. Passenger Terminal Expo 2017
  16. 2018
  17. Passenger Terminal Expo Stockholm 20.-22.Mars
  18. The British-Irish Airports EXPO 2018 12.-13. June London Olympia
  19. Airport Exchange 2018 27 – 29 Nov Oslo
  20. 2019
  21. Passenger Terminal Expo 26-28 March 2019, London
  22. The British-Irish Airports EXPO 2019 11.-12. June London Olympia
  23. Inter Airport Europe 2019 8-11 Oct, Munich, Germany
  24. National Aviation Infrastructure Show 2019 6-7 Feb, Moscow 


Our Team

Leif Anders Hastadklev

Leif Anders Hastadklev

Founder and Quality Manager

Leif Anders has a background from mechanics and the automobile industry. He has started and is co-owner of five automotive garages and has strong technical expertise. Currently he holds the Chief of Operations position at Mekonomen in stjørdal. Leif Anders is an innovator and his expertise lies within entrepreneurship. Furthermore he has developed an extensive network of distributors from over 20 years in the industry.

Torbjørn Balstad

Torbjørn Balstad

General Manager

Torbjørn was brought in to SafePass in 2016 to lead the company forward. With over 35 years experience with management and sales in the European market, we are confident he is the right person to guide the company in to the future, and continue to develope innovative and efficient solutions